Electronic Display Services Ltd. have been contracted by many of the major electronic display manufacturers to provide them with the wide range of engineering services required to successfully complete the installation of their equipment on site.

EDS hold, in house, the full range of engineering disciplines necessary to take a project from conception to completion. From the outset of a project our team of project managers work closely with the customer, their site engineers and if necessary any display manufacturers.

Our structural engineers will complete a full survey of the venue to establish ground conditions, wind loadings and acceptable point loads etc. and will then produce detailed structural drawings complete with structural calculations that will be passed to the client and their engineers. We would also pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the structure so that the equipment installed will ultimately integrate well into the existing environment. Normally the structure is manufactured and test erected off site and we will have it proof load tested by an independent body that will supply the client with the relevant test certificates.

Once the steel work arrives on site our steel erectors will build and install the structure ready to accept the electronic display.

Our electricians will install the necessary power distribution equipment, mains cabling and data cabling throughout the structure and throughout the site.

Once the electronic display is installed our electrical and electronic engineers work together to commission the equipment ready for the hand over to the end user.